Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is Apple Future iPhone 5S or iPhone 6??? what are the apple operating systems and ios rumours

Rumor on Apple New Gadget iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Hi Friends I am a big fan of apple and currently own apple iPhone 4S and looking forward for apple most awaited iPhone new product launch. Here I am sharing future possible features of iPhone next series which I am able to figure out during my research on iPhone future technology.

According to latest rumor in market Apple may skip iPhone 5S and directly launch iPhone 6 and following may be its key features:-

 5 Inch Display :- Apple may launch it with display size of 5 inch having 1080p full HD resolution.

13 MP Camera:- Apple may launch it with 13 Megapixel Camera Sensors having remote control feature and also may enhance its capability to click in low light by having larger flash.

A7 Quad Core Processor: - Apple may enhance processor from dual core A6 to Quad Core A7 processor which will enhance performance and also help in enhancing battery life.

Wireless Charging Feature :- Apple has already filed a patent regarding wireless power utilization i.e. a wireless charging system which means there may be the possibility of getting this feature on new iPhone.

iOS Apple New Look:- Apple may launch it with iOS-7 due to which there may be a sharp change in appearance of screen display for device.

iPhone Projector Display feature:-You may see apple iPhone providing you Display Projector or Keyboard Projector and may replace actual projectors in future.

More Storage Capacity :- You may see 128GB storage capacity for iPhone 6 as they have done for iPad.

Fingerprint sensor: - Apple is in the verge to enhancing security of their hand held device and there may be possibility of new iPhone to come up with in built fingerprint sensor.

Rumor about the launch dates: - According to latest rumor apple may launch iPhone 5S in June or may launch iPhone 6 Directly in September that too in three variant iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 XL .

But these all are rumor we can only wait for the actual product to be launch in market for exact specifications.

Hope you enjoy the reading also please let us know about your feedback on this article in comments section below.

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