Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What are the apple operating systems----iOS7 launch at IOS WWDC

What are the apple operating systems clearing all ios rumors Apple has announced today iOS-7 in ios wwdc about the most awaited apple OS the biggest change since the existence of iPhone, It's packed with tons of new features, and a stunning new user interface.

Brief Description of few new features is

1.     New slide to unlock from the bottom of the screen, flat icons, new slide-up control panel, all icons redesigned, refined typography.  A whole new palette of colors and You can see behind the icons, it's really incredible

2.     New Game Center logo and design

3.     Swipe between days in calendar, similar to Android.

4.     Animated background looks incredibly similar to Android.

5.     Nice animations in weather app — similar to HTC's weather app designs

6.     3D interface, when you tilt the phone the perspective changes.

7.     New multitasking for all apps — "with great battery life."

8.     Intelligent update scheduling for apps the ones you use most often pull in updates in the background most often.

9.     Safari has a new tab interface and complete redesign, as do the other apps, Tabs work as a kind of Rolodex roundabout, flying backward and forward in 3D,The tab overview features a very smooth animation, each page has its own preview, and you're no longer limited to just eight

10.                       AirDrop for iOS. You just tap to share. You don't need to wander around, bumping your phone, iPhone 4S will not get AirDrop, nor will the iPhone 4.

11.                       New camera app has automatic "square" camera for Instagram shots. New photos app automatically organizes your pictures, based on where and when called "moments, You can zoom out to entire years. Very interesting, You can make out patterns of photos, You can tap and scrub over the photos in the year view to see larger photos.

12.                       Great new ways to share your photos, AirDrop, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Also You can share into other people's photo streams, and other people can share into yours, it looks like. Apple now supports video via iCloud photo sharing.

13.                       Siri gets design overhaul, new capabilities in iOS 7 , Siri has a gorgeous new interface Siri has a new voice. and a male voice. And they sound  real and new international voices. You can adjust settings via Siri Like brightness. You can now search Twitter and Wikipedia with Siri.  Bing web search results in Siri.

14.                       iOS 7 Control Center allows quick toggling of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings

15.                       Apple announces iTunes Radio, a streaming music service to compete with Pandora, the absolute best way to discover new music It has the best music player for iPhone, You see all of your purchased music from iCloud right in your library.Once you have a station you love, you can share it with a friend or start a new one based on the song, So, you can listen to radio stations, and then buy if you like the song. iTunes Radio is free with ads, and if you're an iTunes Match subscriber, it's completely free.

16.                       App Store will update apps automatically in iOS 7 You no longer have to manually manage app updates.

There's more to iOS 7 than this, It's unbelievable, it's just gorgeous from the typography to the home screen when you move the device in your hand, it actually tracks your motion.

iOS 7 available to developers today, for everyone else it will be available on app store in the fall for iPhone 4 and later models, iPad 2 and later models, 5th generation iPod touch.

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